StarLadder Berlin Major 2019: Legends Stage

The StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 is the 15th Valve-sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and the second Major of 2019. The tournament features a $1,000,000 USD prize pool and 24 teams as with previous Majors. The Berlin Major is notably StarLadder's first time being the host of a Valve tournament in the Counter-Strike space, with them having hosted multiple events in 2018-19 Dota 2 Pro Circuit earlier in the year.

Best of 1's

ENCE vs AVANGAR (Overpass)

Astralis vs DreamEaters (Dust2)

Renegades vs NRG (Dust2)

Liquid vs CR4ZY (Mirage)

North vs Vitality (Inferno)

FaZe vs mousesports (Mirage)

NaVi vs Overpass (Overpass)

NiP vs MiBR (Dust2)

Renegades vs AVANGAR (Vertigo)

NaVi vs DreamEaters (Overpass)

NiP vs CR4ZY (Train)

North vs mousesports (Inferno)

Liquid vs NRG (Dust2)

FaZe vs Vitality (Dust2)

ENCE vs MiBR (Inferno)

Astralis vs G2 (Nuke)

Liquid vs AVANGAR (Overpass)

FaZe vs CR4ZY (Mirage)

MiBR vs G2 (Inferno)

NaVi vs mousesports (Nuke)

Best of 3's

ENCE vs Vitality (Nuke) Map 1

ENCE vs Vitality (Dust2) Map 2

Astralis vs NRG (Train) Map 1

Astralis vs NRG (Nuke) Map 2

DreamEaters vs Renegades (Mirage) Map 1

DreamEaters vs Renegades (Train) Map 2

NiP vs North (Train) Map 1

NiP vs North (Dust2) Map 2

NaVi vs MiBR (Mirage) Map 1

NaVi vs MiBR (Inferno) Map 2

G2 vs AVANGAR (Dust2) Map 1

G2 vs AVANGAR (Inferno) Map 2

G2 vs AVANGAR (Overpass) Map 3

FaZe vs Renegades (Mirage) Map 1

FaZe vs Renegades (Nuke) Map 2

FaZe vs Renegades (Vertigo) Map 3

Liquid vs North (Mirage) Map 1

Liquid vs North (Dust2) Map 2

Vitality vs mousesports (Vertigo) Map 1

Vitality vs mousesports (Mirage) Map 2

Astralis vs CR4ZY (Inferno) Map 1

Astralis vs CR4ZY (Dust2) Map 2

Astralis vs CR4ZY (Vertigo) Map 3

Renegades vs G2 (Vertigo) Map 1

Renegades vs G2 (Dust2) Map 2

Renegades vs G2 (Inferno) Map 3

Liquid vs mousesports (Mirage) Map 1

Liquid vs mousesports (Dust2) Map 2

NaVi vs CR4ZY (Mirage) Map 1

NaVi vs CR4ZY (Inferno) Map 2

NaVi vs CR4ZY (Nuke) Map 3

Berlin Major Legends Stage Highlights