PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Champions

The first CS:GO Major in two years is almost here. PGL Major Stockholm 2021 marks a return to the best of Counter-Strike with 24 teams across the world fighting it out for a $2 million prize pool. - Dexerto

Day 9

Heroic vs (Mirage) Map 1

Heroic vs (Ancient) Map 2

G2 vs NiP (Inferno) Map 1

G2 vs NiP (Mirage) Map 2

Day 10

Gambit vs FURIA (Inferno) Map 1

Gambit vs FURIA (Overpass) Map 2

NaVi vs Vitality (Dust2) Map 1

NaVi vs Vitality (Nuke) Map 2

Day 11

Heroic vs G2 (Nuke) Map 1

Heroic vs G2 (Mirage) Map 2

Gambit vs NaVi (Overpass) Map 1

Gambit vs NaVi (Mirage) Map 2

Grand Final

G2 vs NaVi (Ancient) Map 1

G2 vs NaVi (Nuke) Map 2