IEM Global Challenge 2020

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge 2020 is set to bring the best European and North American teams together in one division competing over a prize money of $500,000 USD. The Intel Grand Slam awarding tournament will be taking place across December 15 - 20. The top 8 performing teams from IEM New York 2020, IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 and DreamHack Open Fall 2020 and the ESL World Ranking are invited

Group Stage

Vitality vs BIG (Vertigo) Map 1

Vitality vs BIG (Inferno) Map 2

Vitality vs BIG (Nuke) Map 3

Astralis vs Complexity (Dust2) Map 1

Astralis vs Complexity (Overpass) Map 2

FURIA vs NaVi (Inferno) Map 1

FURIA vs NaVi (Nuke) Map 2

Liquid vs Heroic (Inferno) Map 1

Liquid vs Heroic (Nuke) Map 2

Vitality vs Complexity (Nuke) Map 1

Vitality vs Complexity (Dust2) Map 2

Astralis vs BIG (Vertigo) Map 1

Astralis vs BIG (Dust2) Map 2

FURIA vs Heroic (Mirage) Map 1

FURIA vs Heroic (Nuke) Map 2

FURIA vs Heroic (Vertigo) Map 3

NaVi vs Liquid (Mirage) Map 1

NaVi vs Liquid (Nuke) Map 2

Vitality vs Astralis (Nuke) Map 1

Vitality vs Astralis (Dust2) Map 2

Vitality vs Astralis (Inferno) Map 3

FURIA vs Liquid (Overpass) Map 1

FURIA vs Liquid (Inferno) Map 2

Semi Final

NaVi vs Astralis (Inferno) Map 1

NaVi vs Astralis (Nuke) Map 2

NaVi vs Astralis (Train) Map 3

BIG vs Liquid (Inferno) Map 1

BIG vs Liquid (Nuke) Map 2

Grand Final

Astralis vs Liquid (Inferno) Map 1

Astralis vs Liquid (Overpass) Map 2

Astralis vs Liquid (Dust2) Map 3