BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021

12 of the worlds best esports teams sign up for BLAST Premier 2021

The twelve teams are drawn from around the World, and consists of legacy organisations, legacy rosters and exciting new faces to the scene. BLAST Premier is working with partners across the world to create a Qualifying Series to open a route for all teams into BLAST Premier. These qualifiers will be regionalized with 8 feeding into the Spring Showdown & 8 feeding into the Fall Showdown. Each Qualifying Series Finals will each have 8 teams coming from a mix of existing regional leagues, open qualifiers and direct invites.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021: Group 1

Day 1 | Astralis vs NiP, BIG vs OG

Day 2 | NIP vs BIG, Astralis vs OG

Day 3 | BIG vs Astralis + NIP vs Winner

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021: Group 2

Day 1 | Complexity vs Vitality, EG vs G2

Day 2 | Complexity vs G2, Vitality vs EG

Day 3 | EG vs G2, Complexity vs Winner

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021: Group 3

Day 1 | NAVI vs MIBR, Faze vs Liquid

Day 2 | NAVI vs Faze, MIBR vs Liquid

Day 3 | Faze vs Liquid, NAVI vs Faze