Blast Premier Spring Final 2021

BLAST Premier: Spring 2021 Finals is the main stage of the spring Split of the Blast Series championship. 8 teams will be fighting for a slot in Global Finals 2021 at the tournament. 8 teams participate in the championship. 6 teams will proceed to BLAST Premier: Spring 2021 Finals from the spring group stage and the last 2 slots will be received by the clubs to place 1st and 2nd at BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021. The tournament is hosted without the group stage and all teams will start their path from the playoffs. The Double-Elimination bracket with bo3 matches is played in the group stage. The winner of BLAST Premier: Spring 2021 Finals will advance to BLAST Premier: Global Final 2021.

BLAST Premier Spring Final: Days 1 - 6

Gambit vs EG, NIP vs Complexity | Day 1

G2 vs BIG, NAVI vs Faze, EG vs NIP | Day 2

G2 vs Faze, Gambit vs Complexity, BIG vs NAVI | Day 3

BIG vs NIP, G2 vs Complexity | Day 4

Gambit vs NAVI, G2 vs NIP | Day 5

NAVI vs G2, Gambit vs NAVI | Day 6