IEM Katowice 2019 Legends Stage

Katowice was always the most viewed and the most epic Intel Extreme Masters event. And as the 2019 Winter Major, it will push its own standard to a brand new level. 24 of the worlds best teams will come Katowice to compete for $1,000,000.

ENCE vs Renegades (Inferno)

BIG vs Vitality (Mirage)

FaZe vs HellRaisers (Train)

NaVi vs G2 Esports (Inferno)

Liquid vs AVANGAR (Overpass)

Astralis vs compLexity (Nuke)

MIBR vs Cloud9 (Inferno)

NRG vs NiP (Nuke)

BIG vs G2 (Mirage)

ENCE vs HellRaisers (Dust2)

NRG vs AVANGAR (Overpass)

FaZe vs Renegades (Inferno)

MIBR vs compLexity (Mirage)

Astralis vs Cloud9 (Inferno)

NaVi vs Vitality (Mirage)

Liquid vs NiP (Overpass)

FaZe vs AVANGAR (Mirage)

MIBR vs G2 (Inferno)

NiP vs HellRaisers (Overpass)

Vitality vs Cloud9 (Mirage)

ENCE vs BIG (Dust2) Map 1

Astralis vs Renegades (Mirage) Map 1

ENCE vs BIG (Train) Map 2

Astralis vs Renegades (Nuke) Map 2

ENCE vs BIG (Overpass) Map 3

Astralis vs Renegades (Inferno) Map 3

Liquid vs NaVi (Mirage) Map 1

Liquid vs NaVi (Dust2) Map 2

NRG vs compLexity (Nuke) Map 1

NRG vs compLexity (Cache) Map 2

Renegades vs Vitality (Dust2) Map 1

Renegades vs Vitality (Cache) Map 2

Renegades vs Vitality (Inferno) Map 3

NaVi vs AVANGAR (Dust2) Map 1

NaVi vs AVANGAR (Train) Map 2

MIBR vs NiP (Train) Map 1

MIBR vs NiP (Inferno) Map 2

ENCE vs G2 (Dust2) Map 1

ENCE vs G2 (Mirage) Map 2

FaZe vs compLexity (Cache) Map 1

FaZe vs compLexity (Mirage) Map 2

FaZe vs compLexity (Dust2) Map 3

Cloud9 vs HellRaisers (Inferno) Map 1

Cloud9 vs HellRaisers (Cache) Map 2

ENCE vs AVANGAR (Mirage) Map 1

ENCE vs AVANGAR (Train) Map 2

NiP vs Vitality (Cache) Map 1

NiP vs Vitality (Overpass) Map 2

NiP vs Vitality (Mirage) Map 3

FaZe vs Cloud9 (Cache) Map 1

FaZe vs Cloud9 (Dust2) Map 2

Navi vs Vitality (Mirage) Highlights