ECS Season 7 Finals

The ECS Season 7 Finals return to The SSE Arena, Wembley for the first time since the epic FACEIT Major and you can be there and attend its breathtaking conclusion on 8th–9th June. The first 3 series in each region are winner-takes-all qualifiers, with the top team advancing straight to the ECS Season 7 Finals. The last two series will be all about the money, with the last spot from each region going to the highest-earning team across the whole regular season.

Day 1

Astralis vs Furia (Nuke)

Match starts 40 minutes in.

NIP vs NRG (Train)

compLexity vs Vitality (Dust2)

MiBR vs North (Inferno)

Furia vs NRG (Train) Map 1

Furia vs NRG (Nuke) Map 2

Vitality vs North (Nuke) Map 1

Vitality vs North (Inferno) Map 2

Vitality vs North (Dust2) Map 3

Top Ten Plays - Day 1

Day 2

Astralis vs NiP (Inferno) Map 1

Match starts 29 minutes in.

Astralis vs NiP (Overpass) Map 2

compLexity vs MiBR (Train) Map 1

compLexity vs MiBR (Vertigo) Map 2

compLexity vs MiBR (Mirage) Map 3

FURIA vs Astralis (Inferno) Map 1

FURIA vs Astralis (Mirage) Map 2

FURIA vs Astralis (Inferno) Map 3

Vitality vs compLexity (Dust2) Map 1

Vitality vs compLexity (Nuke) Map 2

Day 3

North vs FURIA (Inferno) Map 1

North vs FURIA (Overpass) Map 2

NRG vs Vitality (Overpass) Map 1

NRG vs Vitality (Mirage) Map 2

Team UK vs Team ROTW

Team UK vs Team ROTW (Cobblestone) Map 1

Team UK vs Team ROTW (Mirage) Map 2

Day 4 Finals

Furia vs Vitality (Inferno) Map 1

Match starts 28 minutes in.

Furia vs Vitality (Overpass) Map 2