DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019

DreamHack Atlanta is a three-day event with everything gaming under one roof. Featuring all the core content you’ve come to expect of a DreamHack festival, plus many more new activities that fit your way of life. DreamHack arranges a lot of esports tournaments for all audiences ranging from casual and fun, to real hardcore attracting professional players. All major genres like fps, racing, fighting, sports, and strategic games are featured at DreamHack festivals at some level.

Groups A & B

Heroic vs Triumph (Nuke) Group A

CR4ZY vs Chaos (Train) Group B

Illuminar vs Sprout (Train) Group A

Virtus Pro vs INTZ (Mirage) Group B

Heroic vs Illuminar (Overpass) Group A

CR4ZY vs INTZ (Train) Group B

Decider & Elimination Matchs

Illuminar vs Sprout (Nuke) Map 1

Illuminar vs Sprout (Train) Map 2

Illuminar vs Sprout (Mirage) Map 3

Triumph vs Sprout (Inferno) Map 1

Triumph vs Sprout (Dust2) Map 2

Choas vs Virtus Pro (Nuke) Map 1

Choas vs Virtus Pro (Train) Map 2

INTZ vs Virtus Pro (Train) Map 1

INTZ vs Virtus Pro (Dust2) Map 2

Grand Finals

Heroic vs Sprout (Train) Map 1

Heroic vs Sprout (Inferno) Map 2