Blast Pro Series Moscow 2019

On September 14, BLAST Pro Series is coming to the capital of Russia, Moscow. As the fifth stop in the BLAST Pro Series 2019 season, we’re closing in on the Season Grand Final at the end of the year. The $250,000 prize pool is far from the only thing at stake at BLAST Pro Series Moscow 19. In collaboration with Winstrike, BLAST Pro Series is ready show one of the world’s strongest Counter-Strike regions what world-class esports entertainment looks like.

Rounds 1 & 2

ENCE vs forZe (Inferno) Round 1

AVANGAR vs NiP (Overpass) Round 1

Na'Vi vs MiBR (Overpass) Round 1

AVANGAR vs forZe (Dust2) Round 2

Na'Vi vs ENCE (Train) Round 2

NiP vs MiBr (Train) Round 2

Rounds 3 & 4

Na'Vi vs AVANGAR (Inferno) Round 3

forZe vs NiP (Inferno) Round 3

ENCE vs MiBR (Mirage) Round 3

MiBR vs AVANGAR (Mirage) Round 4

NiP vs ENCE (Dust2) Round 4

Na'Vi vs forZe (Nuke) Round 4

Round 5 & Stand-Off

ENCE vs AVANGAR (Dust2) Round 5

forZe vs MiBR (Dust2) Round 5

Na'Vi vs NiP (Nuke) Round 5

NiP vs Na'Vi (Dust2) Stand-Off

Grand Finals

AVANGAR vs forZe (Overpass) Map 1

AVANGAR vs forZe (Inferno) Map 2

AVANGAR vs forZe (Dust2) Map 3