Blast Pro Series Los Angeles 2019

On July 13, BLAST Pro Series is coming to the City of Angels, glamorous Los Angeles. After making its US debut in Miami, BLAST Pro Series is ready to take on the west coast with the groundbreaking esports entertainment format. 6 of the world’s best Counter-Strike teams will battle for a total prize pool of 250,000 dollars, the iconic triangular BLAST trophy and the title of BLAST Pro Series champions..

Rounds 1 & 2

MiBR vs Renegades (Mirage) Round 1

FaZe vs NRG (Nuke) Round 1

Liquid vs Cloud9 (Inferno) Round 1

FaZe vs Renegades (Train) Round 2

Liquid vs NRG (Overpass) Round 2

MiBR vs Cloud9 (Mirage) Round 2

Rounds 3 & 4

NRG vs Renegades (Dust2) Round 3

FaZe Clan vs Cloud9 (Mirage) Round 3

MiBR vs Liquid (Mirage) Round 3

Cloud9 vs Renegades (Inferno) Round 4

FaZe Clan vs Liquid (Nuke) Round 4

MiBR vs NRG (Inferno) Round 4

Round 5 & Semi Finals

Liquid vs Renegades (Vertigo) Round 5

Cloud9 vs NRG (Nuke) Round 5

MiBR vs FaZe Clan (Inferno) Round 5

Liquid vs Cloud9 (Mirage) Semi Finals Map 1

Liquid vs Cloud9 (Inferno) Semi Finals Map 2

NRG vs FaZe Clan (Train) Semi Finals Map 1

Grand Final

Liquid vs FaZe Clan (Nuke) Map 1

Liquid vs FaZe Clan (Inferno) Map 2