Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2019

This event will become a milestone in ESL history as we bring the best CS:GO teams in the world to China on a larger scale than ever before. IEM Chengdu 2009 was our first tournament in the country and since then we have successfully executed 11 tournaments, IEM Beijing 2019 will be our 12th. We are excited to jump into a new arena and show one of the most passionate regions in esports the full ESL event experience.

Rounds 1 & 2

Cloud9 vs NiP (Overpass) Round 1

Astralis vs FaZe (Inferno) Round 1

NaVi vs Liquid (Dust2) Round 1

NaVi vs FaZe (Nuke) Round 2

Astralis vs NiP (Overpass) Round 2

Cloud9 vs Liquid (Inferno) Round 2

Rounds 3 & 4

Liquid vs Astralis (Nuke) Round 3

Cloud9 vs NaVi (Train) Round 3

FaZe vs NiP (Dust2) Round 3

NaVi vs Astralis (Nuke) Round 4

FaZe vs Cloud9 (Inferno) Round 4

Liquid vs NiP (Mirage) Round 4

Round 5 & Stand-Off

Astralis vs Cloud9 (Nuke) Ronud 5

NaVi vs NiP (Nuke) Ronud 5

FaZe vs Liquid (Inferno) Ronud 5

NaVi vs Astralis Stand-Off

Grand Finals

FaZe vs NiP (Nuke) Map 1

FaZe vs NiP (Dust2) Map 2